The ultimate secret for achieving optimal fitness and wellbeing

The ultimate secret for achieving optimal fitness and wellbeing
12 December 2018 Serena Sabala

Three F’s that may just transform your approach once and for all and finally get you the results you’ve always strived for.

In our experience working with hundreds of busy and time pressed business owners and CEO’s to apply our proven 5 steps methodology, we often encounter individuals who are doing many things right but they still somehow seem to be missing a piece of the puzzle: “what’s the secret?” they ask us? They perceive themselves as “a bit overweight but it certainly could be worse” and perceive their habits as “not that bad, really” however their greatest level of fitness and wellbeing seem to always escape them therefore they resort to thinking there must be a secret they’re just missing or a genetic predisposition they will simply never overcome.

There is a secret, in fact three secrets to achieving exponential improvements and beat all odds and like many ground breaking pieces of information, it is hiding in plain sight.

At Whole Shift Wellness, we have over 20 years of combined experience in the fitness and wellness industry so we would have to be blind or fools to not know this inside and out: what we’re about to share with you is so simple you may just under estimate it at first: be warned however, since simple doesn’t always mean easy to implement! We certainly can promise you that this information will profoundly transform your approach and, if you’re willing to then take it further and put it into action, it will also profoundly transform your level of wellbeing and overall sense of life satisfaction once and for all.

Let’s start with a pretty fundamental concept which will empower you massively and guide you in making incremental improvements: your wellbeing is like a tripod, a structure with three legs which all equally share the load and allow it to stay upright and be firm and steady: a tripod however will only be a very stable structure if ALL three legs are equally as strong as each other. This is the concept that is fundamental to absorb and ponder: for as long as one leg of the structure is even just slightly weaker than the others, the entire structure is forever unstable and at risk of collapsing.  

The reason why this simple analogy is so powerful is that it allows us to start seeing things from a more wholistic prospective: achieving your greatest level of fitness and wellbeing  will never be a matter of doing just one thing right, or improving one are of your life. It is instead a matter of making small and incremental improvements across ALL three pillars of wellbeing at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, one improvement is better than none and any step in the right directing should be celebrated as a win but until we fully accept that it takes more than that, we will forever get frustrated and demoralized for not being able to achieve the outstanding results we were hoping for.

So what are these three pillars then, the three legs of the tripod, you may ask? We called them the 3 F’s: Focus, Food and Fitness.

Focus, in this instance is not just the ability to concentrate on an object or goal, although that is of fundamental importance: your focus is anything to do with you mindset and mindfulness. If you follow any of our social media channels or Youtube (which we highly encourage you to do for regular updates), you would have heard us say “everything starts in the mind”. Any action starts first as a thought, an intention. It is therefore of fundamental importance not only to set the right intentions but also it is SO important to continuously train your mind to support your new goals and the new habits you’re trying to establish over the long term: this is where we’ve all fallen at some point or another. Focus is the first F by no coincidence: if you don’t actively work on your Focus, you simply will not be able to sustain the changes and gradually increase the intensity of effort necessary to achieve your ultimate goals.

Food is the second most important pillar: to put it bluntly, you will never be able to outrun a bad diet. Simple as that. You can workout for hours, lift 3 times your body weight, train for marathons but if you don’t pay attention to and improve your eating habits, wholistic health and wellbeing will continue to escape you. You may even get to a point where you look good from the outside but if you’re not truly healthy from the inside out, sooner or later, this lack will manifest itself and unfortunately more often than not, this tends to happen in the form of chronic diseases and injuries.

Fitness is essential and cannot be underestimated: your body is designed to run and expend energy all day long. It is designed for a life WAY less comfortable that our current ones; this modern way of living is only a few hundred years old compared to the millions of years we’ve lived in the wild. We’re made to walk, run, we’re made for physical labour of high intensity: back in the days, we would consume thousand of calories just to perform our most basic  daily activities. These days, life is set up differently so we need to make a conscious effort to move our body but until we recognize this as a FUNDAMENTAL need, we will underestimate its importance. It goes beyond superficial reasons such as loosing weight and looking good: regular physical activity activates a myriad of functions and reactions in the body which are fundamental to optimal wellbeing. It’s not about going to the gym either, if you look hard enough, you can find plenty of opportunities in your life to be active.

You’ve heard all or much of this before I’m sure but the one most fundamental advice we can give you, once you decide to improve, is to make small incremental improvements across all three F’s simultaneously rather than going all out in just one area.  Always step back and think of the tripod: the three legs have to be equally as strong and must get stronger together if you want a solid structure. So what are you waiting for? NOW is the time to get started. #maketheshift