A question about love…

A question about love…
14 February 2019 Serena Sabala

Every day should be the day of love, since love is the universal principle that brings us all together in this life and it’s the most powerful force in the Universe, we feel.

Today however it’s official and universally recognized.

So let us ask you one question: who do you love the most? Who’s the most important person in your life? Who’s needs do you put first above anyone else’s? Who do you cherish the most and take greatest care of each and every day?

We all have that one special person that has the power to make everything better (or worse), that can fill you with joy within seconds, that has a solutions for all questions and doubts. The person that can keep you motivated when things get though. The person that can make you feel loved and cared for even when nobody else is around. Who is the that special person that is most deserving of your unconditional love, attention and care every single day because as long as they are cared for fully and completely, then you know all will be well in the end?

I hope you are thinking what I’m thinking.

YOU are that person in your life.

YOU should be your first love and number one priority: YOU are the one that can make it all better (or worse).

Only if you love yourself first and fully, can you then love somebody else fully (and yes, that includes your children and parents). 

Only if you take care of yourself every single day, will you have the energy needed to take care of others.

There is no other way around this.

So on this universal day of love, we invite you to look in the mirror and acknowledge yourself, then perhaps do something special that will make YOU feel good so that you can then go into the world with an overflow of love to offer.