How to take your wellbeing to another level

How to take your wellbeing to another level
28 March 2019 Serena Sabala

Have you ever noticed how some of your greatest ideas come when you’re on holiday or when you’re traveling to a different country? It almost feels as if by exposing ourselves to a new atmosphere, we’re tapping into new and fresh energy. Well guess what? that’s exactly what happens. Let me elaborate on this a bit. You may have heard this famous saying before: if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. This applies to ALL areas of your life but in particular your wellbeing.

We all probably know or at least have a top line idea of what are the things we should improve or do differently in order to achieve new results: why is it then that we find it SO very hard to make those changes? Are we broken? Do we lack willpower? None of those are the right answer. Let me introduce you to a powerful principle which has regulated our evolution through millions of years: the conservation of energy.

As a specie, we have evolved through millions of years living in the wild: this new modern life we think we’re so used to is actually still pretty new to us if you think that cities were born less than 10,000 years ago and modern cities as we know them only go back to the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 18th century. I’m saying this to say that we’ve lived in the wild for WAY longer than we’ve lived in modern cities and in the wild  life was remarkably different from how it is now. We didn’t have cars, drive throughs, public transport or elevators back then. We didn’t know where our next meal was gonna come from and had to endure long periods without much food at all: individuals with the very fast metabolism we so envy this days would have suffered more and perished long before anyone else back then.

That’s why our bodies are regulated by the principle of the conservation of energy: it is designed to make sure that we can find a way to perform ALL activities with the least amount of energy possible or learn very quickly how to use less energy. It is a principle that is designed to make us as energy efficient as possible in case of emergency. It is the reason why doing the same workout all the time will eventually lead to a plateau: the body will literally learn how to perform the same moves with less energy output. It is also the reason why we HATE change so much and find it SO hard: because it uses WAY more energy than doing what we’re used to.

This single bit of information can completely transform your approach to improving your fitness and wellbeing because you now know that new habits will feel uncomfortable to establish at the beginning but will get progressively easier the longer you stick with them. You also know that the process is fluid and continuous and until you reach a place where you’re satisfied with your results and just want to maintain them, you’re going to have to continuously switch things up.

That’s why a full immersion experience such as a retreat or wellness holiday will spark greater results than you could ever achieve in that same time in your daily life: by going somewhere completely new, with new people, in a new environment and with new routines, you will literally have NOT a single old frame work from your existing life to hold you back: you will NOT have a chance to resist change because everything is SO dramatically different from your day to day life that you’ll have no choice but to immediately embrace it and adapt to the wellness routine without virtually any resistance.

We LOVE running retreats for this very reason: we see so much transformation happen so quickly! It’s really profound, motivating and inspiring and we are blessed and honored to be doing this for a living.

Whether you’re stuck in a rut or have reached a plateau that doesn’t fully satisfy you, I highly recommend that you think about how you these principles apply to your life and what you can do to #maketheshift needed to get you where you want to be; if you’d like to learn more about our upcoming retreat in Sicily this July (25th to the 29th) simply email us on and write RETREAT in the subject so we can send you more details.

Whatever you feel may work for you, I URGE you take even a small step in that direction NOW. There is no better time to take a step towards you fittest, healthiest and most satisfied self.