Questioning your values may be the most powerful thing you’ll do today: here’s why

Questioning your values may be the most powerful thing you’ll do today: here’s why
10 May 2019 Serena Sabala

I was recently asked to distill what we do, here at Whole Shift Wellness into three core values and I must say what felt like a simple exercise turned out to be an incredibly profound experience.

We often go about life thinking that we are clear on our values, assuming that we know what matters most to us and why. How often do we actually take the time to explore this subject though? The answer for most of us is probably not often enough.

I believe we often fail to leverage on our values for two main reason. 

The fist one is that we don’t take ownership over them: we think they’re somewhat pre-determined and just accept them for what they are. For sure some values are deeply embedded since our childhood; some of them are probably our parents’ values that they passed onto us and we simply grew up believing them and not questioning them. 

The thing is, your values shape your life. So if you’re living by someone else’s values, you’re essentially living according to someone else’s rules. 

Today, take a moment to list the things you value most in life (i.e. the things you spend most time, money and energy in taking care of and developing) and see if they all still resonate with you or if some of them are no longer supporting your greater goals and aspirations. You’re in this life to grow, expand and evolve but how can you do that if you continuously live your life constricted by rules from the past that are holding you back instead of pushing you forward?

The second reason why we loose power over our values is that we feel they’re set in stone therefore once acquired, they should never change. We end up identifying with them. We feel they’re us and therefore resist changing them for fear that we may “loose ourselves”. 

Well I have good news for you: you are not your values. 

You have a car, but you’re certainly not a car. You have a house, but you’re not a house either. Your house may shape your life because it affects where and how you spend time, the people you see, the activities you have access to but at some point you may find that you need more space or you want to experience different places, people and activities and therefore you must move house. Same principle applies to your values. It may feel a little daunting to change your values much like it can feel a little daunting to move house but if you’re looking to grow and expand, you can’t avoid it. 

Time and time again we see busy and time pressed professionals struggle to achieve their wellness goals: they keep prioritizing everything but the very actions they need to take in order to improve. This is simply because they don’t go through the process of assessing and re-shaping their values. 

They talk the talk but don’t put their money where their mouth is: they keep spending more money on expensive technology and trips to the pub rather than healthy meal deliveries and a personal trainer. One very quick way to assess what it is that you value most in life is to see what you spend most money on, outside of your basic living necessities. 

So now, list the goals and objectives that you want to achieve in the next 3-5 years and see how you need to upgrade your values in order to manifest those things. What actions do you need to start spending more time, money and energy on in order to get there? 

And just for inspiration, let me share with you the values that drive our actions here at Whole Shift Wellness:

Be Selfish. We believe that you are the most important person in your life so you MUST take care of yourself first.

Be Selfless. We believe that the more you have, the more you have to give. So be your best in order to be able to give your best.

Play big. We believe that you are capable of WAY more than you think you are. So don’t hold back, the world deserves nothing less than you reaching your full potential.

So now, let me ask you, what do YOU believe?