Magic happens at the junction between wellness and sustainability

Magic happens at the junction between wellness and sustainability
29 June 2019 Serena Sabala

We always say to our Shifters: “Your body is the Ferrari you drive through life” and by now it should be clear what we mean by that. If you had a Ferrari (maybe you do!), would you get the cheapest oil and fuel for it or go out of your way to find the highest quality ones the market has to offer? Would you trash it daily, litter inside it, take poor care of it? or would you take extra care to maintain its pristine state and immediately clean it up if it gets dirty?

Every time you trash your body, every time you neglect it, every time you feed it trashy foods and drinks and fail to maintain it the way it deserves to, you’re effectively trashing something that has a monetary value that’s WAY greater than a Ferrari, we’ve now firmly established that. 

And much like the body is the Ferrari we drive through life, Plane Earth is the home we are so lucky to inhabit during this life. How much is this beautiful planet worth? All the money in the world would not be enough to (nor could it) buy a new one if this breaks down for good. 

That’s why we believe that magic happens at the junction between wellness and sustainability: the moment you take a step back and look at everything from a grander perspective, you will start realizing what are the things that really matter most in this life and re-shuffling all your priorities around your newfound greater perspective: this will inevitably have a profound positive effect not only on your health and wellbeing but it will create a ripple effect of positive transformation throughout all areas of your life because guess what: everything is closely linked and interconnected. Life is not a house with lots of different rooms behind closed doors: it is more like open plan living with hardly any walls to separate one space from another. What you do in one area, will inevitably have an effect on all other areas to some extend.

By appreciating the insurmountable value of your Mind-Body, your precious Ferrari, and starting to take greater care of it, you won’t be able to help to start asking yourself how you can also take greater care of you precious and invaluable home: Planet Earth. And by establishing practices that are not only conducive to your individual wellbeing but also to the greater good of all life on this planet, well that’s how you’ll start feeling like a real winner in life. And let me tell you, nothing and I truly mean nothing feels better than learning to live at that junction.

The beauty of this is that mother nature, in its infinite wisdom, has made it so that the healthiest way of living for us as individuals in most cases also has the greatest positive impact on the world has a whole so by improving in one area, you will inevitably also generate a positive impact on the other. 

I’ll share more about this as we go on.

I know it can feel overwhelming and daunting to start thinking in such wide perspectives: some of the problems the planet is facing feel SO huge that one can easily feel discouraged to even start taking action: “what difference is it going to make if I do things differently? I’m just one person”, one may think. 

But humanity is nothing other than a very large group of individuals so transformation will indeed happen one person at a time: if everyone thinks that nothing can be done, that will be the case. But what if everyone started thinking that something SHOULD be done and started changing what they themselves do? Well let me tell you, that’s precisely how you change the world.

All the changes and improvements we recommend come from this greater perspective: It’s not merely about getting the best results in the fastest possible way. It is is indeed about achieving the most profound transformation at the root level, in the most sustainable way for yourself and everything, everyone around you. So please bare this in mind as we move on and you’ll see just how powerful a Shift really is.