7 harsh truths of permanent weight loss – Part 2

7 harsh truths of permanent weight loss – Part 2
6 September 2019 Serena Sabala

My relationship with food and eating hasn’t always been plain sailing: quite the opposite in fact. Food was for sure my drug of choice growing up and my preferred tool to cope with the trauma of growing up with a mentally ill father.

I’m grateful though, not only because I could have easily chosen a WAY more destructive and debilitation coping mechanism, but also because those challenges taught me SO much of what I know now. By really understanding the subtle dynamics of what I call the “psychology of eating” I am able to help our clients identify the root causes of their unbalances with food which is a FUNDAMENTAL step to achieving long lasting results.

Here’s the thing, you can eat all the “right” foods and know everything there is to know about healthier choices, calories, macro-nutrients etc. but if you don’t investigate and improve how you eat and why, you will still struggle to find peace and effortlessly maintaining a healthy weight. Most of us know a lot about how we could improve our diets to get positive results: why is it so hard to make the necessary changes then? The answer lies precisely in your very unique “psychology of eating”. 

Having said all that, there are some harsh and universals truths around eating and weight-loss that I’ve found apply to everyone’s journey to some extent and will certainly help you make a shift in perspective that’s needed to improve: I’ve come to identify these in my work with hundreds of busy and time pressed professionals all around the world and I truly believe you will get value and insights that you can implement right away. 

So here comes the second of the 7 harsh truths of permanent weight-loss:

2. There is no “magic pill” (or potion, or herb): in my mind this is really so obvious that it shouldn’t need any mention at all however I am constantly surprised to meet smart, successful individuals in my daily practice who still want to believe in some magic pill, supplement, herb or potion which will deliver the promised results without nasty side effect; most importantly, without one needing to make any changes to what we eat and how we eat it.

This is probably one of the most debilitating side effects of chronic, long term dieting: we end up so dis-empowered and delusional from the tiring roller coster of diet on/diet off that in the end our only hope is to believe in some miracle product which will rescue us from the oblivion. Of course, such product DOES NOT exist. In general, besides from the occasional exception, the secret to obtain profound results does not lie in anything that you’re currently missing from your diet, most likely in the many things that should be missing from it.

I appreciate that the notion of “eliminating” foods from one’s diet can spark feelings of deprivation and lack but that’s only the case if this is not done in a sensible and systematic way (which is how most commercial diets do it); that’s why I have devised an approach which I call “crowding out”. By putting the emphasis on increasing the amount of heath promoting foods in our diets, we naturally leave “less room” for the foods that don’t support our goals, without going hungry (bad news) or feeling deprived (really bad news).

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