7 harsh truths of permanent weight loss – Part 5

7 harsh truths of permanent weight loss – Part 5
26 September 2019 Serena Sabala

My relationship with food and eating hasn’t always been plain sailing: quite the opposite in fact. Food was for sure my drug of choice growing up and my preferred tool to cope with the trauma of growing up with a mentally ill father.

I’m grateful though, not only because I could have easily chosen a WAY more destructive and debilitation coping mechanism, but also because those challenges taught me SO much of what I know now. By really understanding the subtle dynamics of what I call the “psychology of eating” I am able to help our clients identify the root causes of their unbalances with food which is a FUNDAMENTAL step to achieving long lasting results.

Here’s the thing, you can eat all the “right” foods and know everything there is to know about healthier choices, calories, macro-nutrients etc. but if you don’t investigate and improve how you eat and why, you will still struggle to find peace and effortlessly maintaining a healthy weight. Most of us know a lot about how we could improve our diets to get positive results: why is it so hard to make the necessary changes then? The answer lies precisely in your very unique “psychology of eating”. 

Having said all that, there are some harsh and universals truths around eating and weight-loss that I’ve found apply to everyone’s journey to some extent and will certainly help you make a shift in perspective that’s needed to improve: I’ve come to identify these in my work with hundreds of busy and time pressed professionals all around the world and I truly believe you will get value and insights that you can implement right away. 

So here comes the fifth of the 7 harsh truths of permanent weight-loss:

5. Only you choose what to put in your mouth: Nobody can MAKE you, nothing can TEMPT you if you don’t allow it to, no smell can be TOO alluring or circumstance too TRICKY to navigate. Those are all mostly excuses, plain and simple! The choice is and forever remains yours in the end. Taking full responsibility for your life and your choices is a fundamental step in achieving anything in life but in particular, in making the improvements needed to loose weight and get healthy once and for all.

I know those road blocks sometimes really feel like deal breakers but I will tell you with absolute certainty that they only are if you allow them to be. I’m not saying this to make you feel bad or to make you feel guilty: quite the opposite. I’m saying this to put the power back and firmly in your hands where it belongs. I often use this simple technique with our shifters, whenever they talk about an aunt forcing an unwanted celebration meal down their throat or a colleague making them eat birthday cake by giving them the evil eye: I simply then ask them this question “what would you have done if they were offering you a food that you’re terribly allergic to and that would make you sick or send you to hospital?“.

My guess its that you would politely decline without even a second thought: it wouldn’t be a struggle to say no. You wouldn’t have a back and forth with yourself as to whether you should accept and then live the consequences. You also (and this is the MOST important detail) wouldn’t feel BAD about not accepting a food that you know is bad for you. It really wouldn’t matter what your aunt or colleague say or do: the answer would be a firm, resolute and non-conditional “NO”.

So if you’re really committed to your journey, if you’re really present and aware of why you’re choosing to avoid certain foods, if you’re non-conditional about the fact your health and wellbeing are the most important thing in your life, nothing, nobody, no event or circumstance will ever be too difficult for you to navigate. It may take some work. You may need help and to create a support system that empowers you. It will probably take quite a bit of repetition and several trials and errors but it’s truly that simple (although simple doesn’t always mean easy).   

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