My plant based keto experiment – part 1

My plant based keto experiment – part 1
11 October 2019 Serena Sabala

So guess what? I’m doing a crazy experiment on myself. One that I did not foresee coming my way. One that is challenging my mind as much as my body. Big. Times.

For two weeks since Monday, I’ve shifted my eating to a plant based ketogenic diet. Yep, you heard that right and it is, indee shocking. Not only because I actually didn’t know you could get into ketosis whilst eating fully plant based, but also most importantly because I have always been pretty outspoken on the adverse effects of Keto diets.

Let me clarify then why I’ve decided to embark on this self experiment.

First of all, a plant based ketogenic diet is remarkably different from an animal based ketogenig diet: not only because of the high risk associated with the increase in animal based protein which a traditional keto diet requires. It’s also because the plant based keto lacks the dangerous quantities of cholesterol ingested through animal products. But also, as it turns out, not all saturated fat is created equal and research shows that consumption of certain plant based fats does NOT have a negative impact on your lipids. I’m gonna test my lipids before and after the two weeks trial so I’ll certainly be able to tell you if anything has changed for me.

Ok so all of the above, as fascinating as it is, still doesn’t explain WHY I decided to try this for myself. There’s more than one reason and I’ll gladly share them with you:

  1. We are not all the same and therefore an eating plan that works for a person may not work for another person. Although ALL our shifters make incredible improvements by shifting towards a more plant based way of eating (to whatever extend they feel comforatble doing), the rate of success is different for everyone. Some research shows that Keto diets are very useful for the more metabocally-challenged individuals or type-1 diabetes sufferers so I’m curiuos to try it and see if it is anything I would ever reccommend to any of our shifters in the future (I would never reccommend something I haven’t tried before).
  2. An esteemed doctor mentioned to me that I should try cutting down on glutinous grains, fruit and coffee to see if that has a positive effect on a mild skin condition I’ve had since I was 10 called ringworms: it’s nothing serious, not contagious and can easily be mananged by applying topical creams BUT the creams are NOT very good for you and I’m keen to explore if I can find a more root-level solution. This is one of the things I’m most obsessed with in life: un-rooting ailments of any sort (physical, emotional, psychological) rather than going for superficial and temporary solutions.
  3. I like to stay open, discover and try new things, test myself. This is what I preach in my work with our shifters and I will never stop doing it myself. Change is uncomfortable (see previous blog) but resisting change is WAY more dangerous in the long run. Even if I discover that the plant based keto is NOT for me, I am learning SO much along the way of trying this out. I will have grown and evolved as a result of this process, no matter how it ends up. I will never stop looking for way to grow and evolve. Never.

I’m posting daily updates on this self experiment in a private Facebook group: if you want to join and stay in touch, you can simply click HERE. I’m sharing my DAY 3 update with you below so you can get a sneak peak.

Before you read on though, please let me clarify that this is NOT something you should take lightly and try for yourself without professional guidance and maybe even medical supervision (especially if you suffere from ANY conditions). So read on, get inspired and perhaps take action but please DO IT RIGHT, DO IT SAFELY.

And now, here’s my DAY 3 update:


Yesterday was pretty good overall, as you may have seen from my video.

In the evening, however, a few self-sabotaging thoughts showed up (as soon as the sun sets, that’s when we’re more likely to experience those).

They sounded something like: “Why do you have to do this?! It’s really unnecessary. You were doing great before! chances are this is not going to make any difference and may actually throw you off and make things worse than before. Plus you can’t live without bananas, rye bread and quinoa. You just can’t. STOP IT NOW!”

Or also

“You’re gonna get HUGE from all this fat you’re eating. Seriously, you’re crazy. Olive oil will start pouring out of you by the end of the two weeks. Are you sure you want to do this?YOU WILL GET FAT!”

Or even

“I don’t think this is working. I know it’s only day two but how can it possibly work? fat for fuel?! I mean seriously…If you eat fat, you get fat. That’s what they say. And this supposed satiety you’re meant to be experiencing: no signs of that! You’re eating WAY more than before. This was a BAD idea. FAT IS BAD.”

Thankfully I know what to do with them: I practiced what I preach and re-framed them: I reminded my reptile brain that I am in charge. I also reassured it by saying to it: “This is NOT a diet. It is an experiment of self-discovery through food. There’s no need to panic and feel deprived. I can go back to eating all the bananas and quinoa I fancy in two weeks. BREATH. CALM DOWN. You’ve done way harder things than this in your life. ALL IS WELL.”


” Nothing too bad can happen in two weeks. Give it a fair trial and only judge it at the end. Even if you do put weight on in two weeks, you’ll drop it as soon as you go back to the way you were eating before. DON’T PANIC. Give your body time to adjust. There’s no need to freak out. You’re just not used to it but that’s the whole point: to try something new.”

I also reminded myself that the last time I experienced such surges of self-sabotaging thoughts around food was when I shifted to plant-based eating five years ago and I was sure I was gonna get fat from eating carbs! Turns out that was the best food related decision I’ve ever made in my entire life, so…

If you’re human, you’re bound to resist change. Even positive change is uncomfortable; it wastes more energy than keeping things as they are. That’s why quitting cigarettes (or drugs, or alcohol, or video games, or toxic relationships) is so hard. The key is to work on the Focus pillar first and foremost above all else, because that’s the key to your superpowers.

FUN FACT: Bread now smells VERY different than before. I don’t know how to explain this but it’s like I can smell the yeast and flour in a different way.

BEST BIT SO FAR: Eating one avocado a day!

WORSE BIT SO FAR: The fear of olive oil is real! I’m only having half of what they recommend yet. Will keep working on this

Feel free to comment, ask questions or invite friends that may find this interesting.


However this experiment goes, I know for sure that I am learning a lot and loving the opportunity of sharing it all as I go along. If you want to follow my journey for the next week and half, you can join the facebook group I’ve created by clicking HERE. Comments, likes and shares are also always welcome.

Ciao for now,