My plant-based keto experiment – part 2

My plant-based keto experiment – part 2
26 October 2019 Serena Sabala

Here’s an update from day 14 of my plant-based keto experiment.

So today is the day. Official last day of this HUGE, challenging, confronting, enlightening and motivating experiment.

Although I’m definitely MUCH more Keto-adapted than I was when I started and mostly done with Keto-flu, I still feel my body is not ? used to the massive transition: the experts do say that it takes 4-6 weeks to get fully adapted so this is not surprising.

In fact, I probably did better than many thanks to my overall level of health and wellbeing pre-experiment: I only really had one day of flu and although the energy behind my workouts hasn’t been, as usual, I’ve been able to mostly stick to my routine and generally overall perform up to my standard.

I’ve certainly learned SO much in these past few weeks. Some things have I believed have been re-confirmed whereas some others have been shattered.

Here’s a list of my top insights SO far:

– DIETS DON’T WORK: I knew this and I believe it even more now. If I’d gone into this experiment with a “diet” mindset, I would have had an even harder time and would have probably given up. Because I did it to improve my health and wellbeing and to learn new things, I was able to actually navigate the hard times and not self-sabotage. The jury is still out as to whether any weight loss was actually fat loss and if it will be sustained in the long term.

– THE FOCUS PILLAR IS KING: if I hadn’t done all the work I’ve done on my self around the focus pillar and if I didn’t know all that I know on how to leverage that, I would have absolutely given up or done this wrong. No doubt at all. This was a great confirmation of our existing approach when working with our shifters.

– GOING FROM ZERO TO 100 IS ALWAYS A BAD IDEA: if I hadn’t already been healthy both in my eating habits fitness habits and my “psychology of eating”, this experiment would have thrown me completely off and would have probably backfired massively in the long run. I’m convinced that one of the keys to me being able to sustain this is that I leveraged on my already solid foundations. Whenever you want to make a shift of any kind, you HAVE to make sure that you improve gradually and effectively. I would never recommend going into something like this if your current eating habits revolve around a lot of animal products and processed food because it’s hard enough as it is and that would make it SO much harder.

– PLANTS ARE LIFE: There’s absolutely no way I could have experienced ketosis if this wasn’t possible on a plant based diet. In fact, doing it the plant-based way avoids even nastier side effects that may have simply tipped me over the edge. The fact that I could still eat tons of veggies and most I already loved and enjoyed was fundamental to me being able to do this. If you don’t eat and love lots of plant foods you first have to learn to do so and then only should you even consider anything like this.

– NOT ALL DIETARY FAT IS CREATED EQUAL: discovering that eating fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat was truly enlightening. it is not a given that all fatty foods are bad for you and should be avoided. Ultimately, weight gain or loss is caused by overall calorie consumption. Healthy plant-based fats are rich in omegas, have NO cholesterol and contain TONS of nutrients. They should absolutely be a part of an overall balanced diet. I’ll certainly be eating way more avocados, olives and nuts from now on, no matter what.

– THERE IS NO JUST ONE ABSOLUTE WAY OF EATING WELL: there’s no such thing as the perfect eating plan. We all have to discover the best plan for each of us. Although there are universal principles that apply to any human being (I.e.: junk food and processed food ARE NOT health conducive. There’s no way of reaching your potential on McDonald’s and Crispy Creams), there are also MANY ways of eating healthy. If you’re mostly eating whole, unprocessed, plant based food you’re ahead of the crowd and may just need a few tweaks to reach your goals. If you’re not, you need to get there first before you start worrying about MACROS, etc.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to stop this trial but I’m in two minds: I’ve already learned a lot and feel like this was definitely a success. I’m also curious to discover what it feels to get to 4-6 weeks and be fully Keto-adapted. I wonder if there’s more in this for me to unpack and discover.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts below or contact me via FB to be added to the private group where I share more updates and recipes…