How to stay healthy and strong during a health crisis

How to stay healthy and strong during a health crisis
20 March 2020 Serena Sabala

Never in my life did I think I was ever going to experience anything like the current circumstances. This moment in time is certainly one of a kind: hopefully the only one of this kind for our generation and many more to come. Although faced with many inevitable and undeniable challenges like everyone else is, we at Whole Shift Wellness also find ourselves in a very unique situation. We are grateful to be in a position where, in spite of all that is going on,  we feel safe and secure: this is because we have our optimum health and therefore do not have to fear for our lives during these very sensitive times.

We want to send tons of love and healing energy out to all the people out there who are sadly not in the same privileged position as we are: those who are struggling in any way with their health. We can’t imagine how stressful this must be, now more than ever. We wish every single one of them the very best.

We also feel compelled and obliged to be of service to everyone around us as much as we can and in the way we know best: by facilitating a shift in our areas of expertise.

We know most of you are having to deal with massive pressure coming from all angles. We also know that your daily routines have been completely disrupted and that, sadly, makes it even harder than usual to stay on track and prioritize the very thing you need most at the moment: your mental and physical wellbeing. It is a sad fact of life that when the going gets tough, the first things that tend to slip up are our healthy habits.

Don’t feel bad if this is happening to you: it is so common and to be expected. Feeling bad won’t motivate you to do better. It will instead add another emotional burned on yourself which is the last thing you need right now.

Lean on us: we’re here for you and this is what we do best. We’re gonna set you up for success and offer plenty of tools and resources to pick yourself up and keep yourself going as best you can right now.

This is not the time to set high expectations and be too strict and demanding on yourself: it is the time to go back to basics, make sure you ticking the minimum boxes and celebrate any small, tiny accomplishment or improvement.

The following are, in my opinion, the most fundamental activities you should accomplish every day to keep healthy during the lockdown:

  1. Practice Gratitude at least 1 min a day: what are you grateful for in life? Make a mental list or, even better write it down. Think of all the small good things that have happened the day before or anything at all that you are proud and happy to have accomplished. Nothing motivates us more than our own progress and success.
  2. Meditate at least 5 minutes a day: you can find a free guided meditation on our YouTube channel or use any of the many apps available, most of which have a free intro. You can also simply listen to classical music as you focus your attention on your breath. Or sit in the garden without any distractions, close your eyes, and focus on the noise of the wind or chirping of the birds.
  3. Move your body at least 30 minutes a day:  we will be streaming free daily classes in our Facebook group “Make The Shift”. Any way to move your body, however, is a good way. Walking (if allowed), gardening, cleaning, dancing. Just get your heart rate up, break a sweat and get rid of some mental and physical toxins.
  4. Drink at least 2L of waters a day: or half your body weight in ounces, whichever is the higher amount. Water is life. Proper hydration will prevent overeating, keep your systems going and your immune system stronger. Add some electrolytes if you feel the need and get at least one full pint first thing in the morning before anything else.
  5. Eat at least 5 handfuls of plants a day: fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole-grains. This is really the minimum amount so if you can do more, don’t hold back! Ideally, you should get to 5 portions each but we appreciate this may not be possible at the moment. Remember one handful (whatever the size of your hand) count as one portion so a large salad can easily be 2-3 portions on its own. Plant-based foods contain the highest amount of nutrients, prevent inflammation and are easier to digest so that you don’t overload your body. Have fun trying new dishes and recipes if you can: you may never have this much time available after all!
  6. Set 3 personal non-conditional Dos or Don’ts and stick with them no matter what. We are all different and, although these principles apply to humanity as a whole, we each have our own personal goals and most sensitive areas. Identify what could be the things that may have the greatest negative impact on your health and create some manageable yet effective non-conditional rules to stay on track. Some of the non-conditional rules our shifters have created are, for example, no sweets before 6pm, only one glass of wine a day, always eat a plant-based breakfast, consume animal products maximum once a day, no processed foods Monday to Friday, etc. Keep it real, tailor it to you circumstances, write them down and then stick with them NO MATTER WHAT.

If you want to benefit from our expertise and the support system of a group of individuals with the same goals and aspirations, you can join our private Facebook group called “Make The Shift” and take part in our free “Stay Healthy” challenge which will kick off on Monday the 23rd of March . We only have 4 spots available at this point and will not open intake again for two weeks. The winner will take home a coaching package worth £1,500.

We’re here for you. We’ve got your back. We want you to succeed. NOW, more than ever, is the time to #maketheshift.