Eugene Sabala

Eugene Sabala


Eugene is a Yoga Teacher, Fitness Trainer, Massage Therapist and Physical Therapy Aide with over 20 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry. He has helped hundreds of people across three continents improve their wellbeing and physical fitness and achieve profound, long lasting results beyond their greatest expectations.

His passion for understanding the human anatomy started at a very young age when he was taunted by his school friends for being too skinny; at only 13 years of age, he started training at home with his dad’s dumbbells, so that he could get big and strong and prove them all wrong. He has never stopped since.

After training clients part time for many years, he went on to found a very successful fitness training business in Texas, USA, working with over 300 clients over the years. His expertise has since expanded into yoga, physical therapy and therapeutic massage: he is a passionate advocate of a holistic approach to wellbeing.

His training programs are tailored to improve all three areas of physical fitness: strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. He also always incorporates therapeutic stretching and massage to treat and prevent injuries so that his clients can not only look good from the outside but, most importantly, feel good on the inside.