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  • Make the Shift

    We know all too well how difficult it can for busy and time-pressed professionals to prioritize their fitness, health and wellbeing: they typically employ a small team and are involved (directly or indirectly) into one or more companies. They often have young families and many commitments outside of work too. They are unfit, generally overweight and have an older metabolic age; they feel lethargic and lack the energy needed to fulfill their potential in their daily lives. They are profoundly dissatisfied and lack confidence in their bodies but simply lack the motivation and know-how to do anything about it. They wonder just how they can take better care of their health and wellbeing without that impacting their work and family life. This book will spark the motivation needed for them to take action and transform their wellbeing once and for all: they will be able to learn all about the three fundamental pillars of wellbeing which need to be taken care of in order to generate real and long lasting results. They will then be able to apply our effective 5 steps methodology to all three pillars through simple and effective exercises and tips. This wholistic yet pragmatic approach will allow them to reach the level of mind-body confidence and life satisfaction they know they deserve and are capable of achieving. The book has been carefully developed to offer a clear, proven and effective formula which can be implemented within the frameworks of an intricate and fast paced life; the goal is not merely to spark change, so much as generate real transformation, from the inside out. We believe that healthy, happy and inspired leaders create a ripple effect of positive change within their organizations and the communities around them: so what are you waiting for? NOW is the time to #maketheshift!Reviews"The Whole Shift Method is a long overdue breath of fresh air within the health and wellness space…”Lydia McCarthy-Keen Keen, luxury jeweler, ethical engagement ring specialist, and the UKs leading expert on lab-grown diamonds.“The Whole Shift Approach is a game-changer for busy entrepreneurs who need to consistently step their game up, live outside of their comfort zone while trying to maintain their health…”Sebastian Bates, Best Selling Author and Founder of the Global Warrior Academy“Serena’s words come from a deep rooted instinct to help people find their inner love. Her words have had a profound impact on my state of mind. I feel that I am now on a different course where I now know that I will only achieve my goals if I put my wellbeing first.”Stephen Willard - Founder, EMBLAZE“Serena and her team aren’t just helping people achieve their health goals, they are helping people understand how to make long-lasting and sustainable changes for themselves and their loved ones. Amazing read.”Jason Graystone - Investor, Entrepreneur, Founder, Tiers of Freedom. Graystone Education Ltd
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    EXCLUSIVE – New Year Bundle For Two

    Description: Give the gift of health this Christmas. Get ALL our e-books PLUS two one on one 30 minutes phone consultation with our founder Serena Sabala (one for you, one for a loved one), to ask any questions, get bespoke tips and create an effective strategy that revolves around your unique goals and challenges. This will also include a food log review where you’ll be able to submit your current food choices and get a bespoke meal plan that works for you.
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    EXCLUSIVE – New Year Bundle

    Description: Get ALL our e-books PLUS a one on one 30 minutes phone consultation with our founder Serena Sabala, to ask any questions, get bespoke tips and create an effective strategy that revolves around your unique goals and challenges. This will also include a food log review where you’ll be able to submit your current food choices and get a bespoke meal plan that works for you.
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  • 7 Harsh Truths of Permanent Weight-Loss

    Description: have you been on a diet more than once in your life? Do you struggle to loose weight or keep it off? Are you starting to feel resigned about your health and wellbeing? Are you tired of the diet /overeat cycle which leaves you feeling demotivated about ever getting in the best shape of your life? We know what it’s like to feel like your body is your enemy and you just can’t figure out a way to loose weight without struggle and keep it off for good. The good news is: you don’t have to suffer and struggle in order to get the results you want and deserve. By learning the 7 harsh truths of permanent weight-loss, you will transform your mind-set around nutrition and dieting, and will unlock your best results yet. These truth transcend age, geography, gender and profession: they’re universal and will empower you on the road to your most fit, healthy and confident self. Go for it! You have nothing to loose…except the extra pounds ;) The e-book includes: • The 7 harsh truths of permanent weight-loss, as discovered in over 20 years of work transforming the wellbeing of over 500 professionals across 5 countries. PLUS clear and effective instructions on how to avoid these common hurdles. #maketheshift
  • 6 Easy Steps to #EATMOREPLANTS Without Feeling Deprived

    Description: Do you want to start leaning towards a more plant-based way of eating but have no idea where to start from? Does it feel daunting and overwhelming to change your way of eating? Are you confused by the myriad of (often conflicting) information about nutrition? This e-book is the best first step you can take towards implementing simple and effective improvements which will find into your lifestyle and will allow you to start getting new results right away. Hundreds of our shifters have successfully learned how to #eatmoreplants following our simple and effective methodology, achieving results that went far beyond their greatest expectations (weight-loss, improved energy, improved digestion, chronic disease reversal and so much more). Eating more plants CAN be fun, gratifying and rewarding if you know how to #maketheshift. Let us show you how and trust me when I say, you will NOT regret it. p.s. Our planet will be grateful too! The e-book includes: • Our proven 6 steps method to #maketheshift towards eating more plants, without feeling overwhelmed and deprived. You CAN #eatmoreplants and love it too!
  • 10 Tips to Prevent Weight Gain During the Holidays

    Description: a timeless classic. This e-book will be the lighthouse of your Christmas. Want to prevent getting to January feeling like you let yourself down and took many steps backwards on the road to your healthiest self yet? Look no further. We know it can feel impossible to navigate the holidays whilst staying committed to your health and wellness: we also know that it is possible. Discover the 10 easy steps our shifters follow, which allow them mohave fun responsibly and have the best time without guilt, shame and regrets. The e-book includes: • Our tried and tested top 10 rules to prevent weight gain during the Holiday period: you CAN have fun whilst still progressing on the joinery to your greatest self yet.
  • The 7 Days Plan To #sparktheshift to your healthiest self

    Description: a fully comprehensive 7 day plan to get started on the path to your most fit, healthy and confident self. Use this simple, effective and fun program to take the first few steps (always the hardest!) and build the momentum you need to get to your destination. It Includes everything you need to set a solid routine that fits in with the demands of a fast paced life WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. So what are you waiting for? NOW is the time to #sparktheshift: The e-book includes: • Our Proven Methodology: based upon over 20 years of combined experience across 5 countries. Discover how busy professionals are transforming the health, wellbeing and mind-body confidence, once and for all • Focus tips for 7 days: transform your mindset around fitness and nutrition and finally get the results you want and deserve • Healthy, delicious and simple recipes for an entire week: learn new ways of eating healthy food that fun, tasty but most importantly, easy to prepare • Fitness plan for an entire week: implement this simple yet effective wholistic plan in the comfort of your home. No props needed! Only you and your own amazing body will do. Working out will not feel like a chore any longer!